What sets the E1 system apart from the rest?

Our axial flux motors provide the best-in-class power to weight ratio. Providing 4x the power density and 1/2 the weight. Our 800V architecture allows for the maximum efficiency. With packages ranging from 150 – 650 hp, EVOA can integrate into most marine applications.

How do you calculate horsepower for EV?

HP= KW x 1000/746

What kind of motor can the E1 system be applied to?

All drives available: V-Drive, Stern, Direct, Jet, and Outboard

Can it be used in fresh and saltwater?

Yes—any body of water. EVOA’s systems operate in a closed-loop cooling system.

Can you tow behind it?

Yes—with 450 hp and 540 ft lb of torque, enjoy any water activity with ease.


What makes the E1 system safe for marine use? IP rating?

The E1 System is safe for marine use for the same reasons that electric cars are safe in the rain. All electrical connections are rated at or above IP67 level. This provides protection from splashing, taking water overboard, or a leaking ballast pump. However, it is imperative that you still have functioning bilge pumps and to drain the bilge after use.

What happens if an error occurs?

In the event of a fault, a message will populate on-screen displaying warning indications. The E1 system may limit performance to keep temperatures down, protect the user from high voltage, or just simply notify the operator of any problems.

What type of batteries are used?

The batteries in the E1 system are lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery cell is used for its performance at high horsepower loads common in boating. The battery pack’s capacity is dependent upon the application, however, the architectures the E1 system is offered in include: 66, 77, 133, and 154 kwh.

Compare ICE to EV

Our EV motor packages are virtually silent and do not create any exhaust emissions. With less moving parts, the maintenance is close to zero when compared to ICE’s laundry list of routine maintenance. On top of unexpected failures, EVOA is thoughtfully designed with the operator in mind, providing multiple features and exceptional feedback at the helm to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.